There are a number of other Iwi providers like Mokai Patea Services throughout the rohe that we deal with. Click on the link below to see some of these iwi providers and also to find links through to their websites.


As part of the Mokai Patea Services Whanau Ora Unit mahi an integral part of the assistance offered out to whanau/tangata whaiora is the Kaupapa Maori Mental Health Services.

Te Oranganui Mental Health and Addiction Nurses provide the clinical support to Whanau for this service and our Whanau Ora Iwi Navigators provide the community support to whanau who are experiencing mental health or addiction issues.


Whānau Ora (“family health”) is a major contemporary health initiative in New Zealand driven by Māori cultural values. Its core goal is to empower communities and extended families (whānau) to support families within the community context rather than individuals within an institutional context.


Mokai Patea Services provides contracted secretariat/administrational service to Te Runanga O Ngati Whitikaupeka, Te Runanga O Ngati Tamakopiri and Te Runanga O Ngai Te Ohuake.  We also provide administration and financial administration support to the Mokai Patea Waitangi Claims Trust and financial administration support to Te Maru O Ruahine Trust.

Mokai Patea Services also provides administrational/project development/human resource/and transportation support to a number of kaumatua focussed groups and initiatives. Support is provided to the Pukatea Wainui Kaumatua group and Te Roopu Oranga Tai Chi Sit & be fit programme

This work is carried out by the dedicated Management/Admin Unit within the organisation.