Waitangi day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, celebrated as a public holiday in New Zealand on 6 February since 1960. Mokai Patea Services celebrates Waitangi day by holding an event where we bring whanau and friends in the community together to enjoy kai, some amazing entertainment and teachings on the Treaty of Waitangi and its meaning.

In the past we have had amazing local musicians such as Timothy Pekamu and reknown award winning Maori musician Ruia Aperahama doing their thing on the stage.  As well as young and upcoming talent getting up on the stage to sing or dance to entertain the big crowds that come along.

As well as bringing people together the main Kaupapa for the day is to show awareness and spread knowledge about the Treaty of Waitangi. We do this by having an information tent where resources are available for people to read. Also incorporating questions about the Treaty into many of the competitions we hold throughout the day.